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Re: [IPp] A change of subject-- wearing pumps during sports

Hi Mary,

My son often goes high when he plays basketball, but he really hates to keep 
the pump on.  He usually boluses enough to cover a correction of 100 points 
right before he disconnects ( if his bg is in the 140-180 range).  This has 
worked well for him.   I would ask your son to try bolusing upfront at least 
enough to cover the basal he'll be missing while he's disconnected and 
adjust from there.  Still, testing is a must if you can convince your son of 
that.  I usually put a few individually packaged WetOnes in with his meter 
so he can clean his hands.  If getting gloves off are a pain, could he do 
forearm testing?  Sorry, I'm ignorant of what kind of protective gear 
lacrosse players wear.  After basketball we usually have to reduce basals 
for at least 12 hours.  Hope you find a solution soon!


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> Hi all,
> Dan has been coming home from lacrosse with such bad highs we're 
> considering
> having him try to wear the pump during games and practice, just  tuning 
> down
> the basal rate.  I have wanted him to test and correct at least  partially
> halfway through the session, or at least do a little bolus for missed 
> basal,
> but
> he insists this is very hard to do-- he's dirty, has gloves, helmet  and 
> pads
> on, etc.  So maybe staying attached is the best thing.  He is  afraid that 
> if
> he falls on the pump he'll hurt himself. I know the pump  will be 
> vulnerable
> since he broke it once playing baseball.  I heard a  speaker once who
> recommended leaving it on and had instructions for how to wrap it etc. I 
> will
> have
> to look for my notes.  I think he said put it  under an ace bandage on the
> thigh but I'll have to double check.  I'm  wondering if anyone has a child 
> who
> wears the pump during contact sports and how you physically protect the 
> pump
> and
> your child and how you adjust his or her  rates during the exercise.
> Thanks in advance for any advice.
> Mary
> Mom of Dan,  15 (dx 4-01, pumping since 5-03), Chris, 23, Carrie, 19, and
> guardian of Mike,  19.
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