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Re: [IPp] FW: Animas - Pump upgrade/loaner pumps

Deltec is able to courier pumps 24 /7 on holidays and weekends...   They have 
pumps situated in DHL offices all over the country, ready to be  delivered on 
short notice..  That's how we got a replacement at 2am  Saturday morning..  
in less than 2 hrs after I called them in  minnesota..
now, that's service you cant beat !!!
In a message dated 3/26/2007 11:44:34 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

Animas  is in PA and we are in Texas.....no way could they even courier in 2
hours  from there. My guess is the pump was couriered from a rep.....or the
person  lives very close.........either way, people deserve holidays off,  
malfunction and we don't always get what we want.........our rep is  awesome 
takes good care of us as does the regional CDE........but I  have to do my 
if we have a failure and be willing to drive a bit if  necessary or make 
calls..........some people have had unpleasing  experiences...it happens, 
in all businesses from time to  time..........I am amazed this thread has 
gone on
so long especially  without a subject change.............I am still trying to
figure out why  the guys that delivered my new refrigerator thought it ok not 
remove the  doors but to scratch it up and touch it up with paint........next
time I am  in Lowe's, I will tell them but I won't quit going there or  buying
Whirlpool appliances over it......I will ask
for different  delivery personel.........

Bev, mom to Mary, 13, dx  1997, pumping Animas 2001

jodie necaise <email @ redacted>  wrote:
That's why the courier is such a handy option. The reps  aren't working
on Thanksgiving Day. It's a holiday 


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