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[IPn] got this today from a web surfer

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Date sent:      	Wed, 31 Mar 2004 21:41:32 EST
Subject:        	(no subject)
To:             	email @ redacted

I was reading your insulin pump stats on pumps currently used by 
pumpers. I noticed Deltec Cozmo wasn't included. Is this because it was 
not available when this survey took place?

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YOU can put your pump and many other vital and useful statistics on the 
STATISTICS page of the web site (the ABOUT page) by filling out the 
INSULIN PUMPERS Information Form.

Go to the MEMBERS ONLY page and click the
"Insulin Pumpers Information Form" button
put in your email addy and the password "pumper" and do everyone in the 
diabetes community a favor.

Your participation helps everyone.

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