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RE: [IPp] upgrading to minimed 512

<<There isn't a way to change how it calculates how much insulin is left
so it counts insulin in system for 10 hours. So, when ever Jacob was
high it would say that he didn't need anything because 5 hours ago he
got insulin.  You can change the amount that they suggest if you like.
You can choose what kind of bolus you want the bolus wizard to give
(square/duel/normal).  HTH>>

We don't always agree with what it claims is still active either, if we
know it's been more than 3 or 4 hours we will override what it says and
do what the bolus should be.  That is my least favorite part of the
system, but I love that it does the math for you for figuring out how
much the bolus should be for high sugars or carbs.

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