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Re: [IPp] Night Testing

I know this has been pretty exhaustively discussed, but I do want to add my 
$.02 and reiterate that I do think every case is different.  We have to test 
because our son is a teenager who has grown several inches this year, and we 
want to catch the nighttime growth- and hormone-induced highs, which are 
 unpredictable for him, at least at this time. He also likes a big snack before
most nights, and I don't feel comfortable giving him a hefty bolus at bedtime 
 without checking him two hours later. He is a sound sleeper and does not wake
when his alarm goes off (He doesn't wake up when I test him, either, or when 
I do a correction.  I've even done site changes without waking him up).

In addition, Dan is extremely sensitive to exercise and can go low several 
hours after an active period during the day, even if his number is not low at 
 bedtime. For all these reasons, I check at least once during the night, more if
he has been high or low when I check.  I don't think the multi-check nights 
will go on forever--when puberty settles down and the growing slows, I think 
the numbers will be more predictable.  

All of the above would still be true if he were still on shots, and would be 
a lot harder to do.  We would never give up our pump!

(mother of Dan, 12, dx 4-01, pumping Cozmo since 5-03)
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