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Re: [IPp] Re: paradigm/cozmo

 Yes, we had failures ( 3 pumps in 5 months), but our main reason was that the
Cozmo has so many more features that have helped us manage her diabetes so much
better. ie: unused insulin rule calculation, only having to type in the amount
of carbs, and pump does bolus calculation, .05 basal and bolus dosing, being
able to increase or decrease basal by a %, not .10 or .20 increases or
decreases. For instance, sick days are 110%, pre-school days are 95%. Works like
a champ.
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Bonnie, you mention that Rachel was on a Paradigm prior to the Cozmo. Why
the switch? I ask because my daughter Sarah is now on her third Paradigm in
6 months. Did you have lots of pump failures also?

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