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[IPp] parents of toddlers who use the 508 or Paradigm?

We have been authorized for a pump for our 2.5 year old son, and now 
we must choose between the mini-med 508 and the paradigm. I really 
wanted the Animas or the Deltec because they both have the .05 basal 
rate increments, but I am hoping that there are parents of toddlers 
out there who can tell me how they were able to best use either of 
the minimed pumps. It seems like we will have two options for Jake-- 
1) go back and forth between .1 and .2 (or between .0 and .1) as 
needed, OR 2) use the diluent. If either of these have worked for any 
of you, I would love to hear about it, or if there is another option, 
I would love to hear it too!

Also, I know that the paradigm got a lot of bad press early on, and I 
am wondering if the problems have been resolved. If folks have had 
experiences either way, it would help me make a decision. You may 
email privately if you prefer at email @ redacted

Thank you!
mom to Jake, 2.5 years, d'xd 20 months
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