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Re: [IPp] FW: 504 plan fight/glucagon issue won

Way to go!  Your daughter deserves the best care while in school!  Good 
job for fighting
the system and winning!  We still have bring alot of snacks (especially 
the gluten free ones)
but finally the school is coming around to not always having "candy" as 
the snack of the day!
The nurses just see it as part of their job to carb count and keep track 
of insulin daily.
Of course, we start "Middle school" (6th grade) next year - so 
basically, we start over
with teaching the teachers, kitchen staff, nurse, etc., but at least 
they want to work with us.
You should be proud of yourself.
Cathy, Mom to Rachel, 10, dx w/ diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02

Denise Owens wrote:

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> > I just wanted to let you all know that after my continual fighting with
>Walter Hays Elementary school in Palo Alto, 2 diabetes advocates/children with
>disabilities advocate, Haley's RN and an attorney that has type 1 herself kick
>some real butt today and help me. Finally, the school is forced to allow
 >glucagon and help Haley carbohydrate count her meals. Also, since I am in week
>of having to pay $15.00 per hour for my babysitter to attend school with Haley
>(or she has been disallowed from being at school), the school has agreed to
>reimburse me for this week only.
 > > I can't even begin to explain the trauma and depression this institution
>put me through and made my life so much harder as a single Mommy, full time
>working parent and sole caregiver to a child with diabetes.
 > > Finally, they are being forced to give her the care she has been entitled
>receive all along.
>>I really needed to share this with all of you.
>>Denise Owens
>>Mom to twins, Haley & Savannah, age 7, Haley dxd 12/2000
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