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[IPp] FW: 504 plan fight/glucagon issue won

> Hi,
 > I just wanted to let you all know that after my continual fighting with
Walter Hays Elementary school in Palo Alto, 2 diabetes advocates/children with
disabilities advocate, Haley's RN and an attorney that has type 1 herself kick
some real butt today and help me. Finally, the school is forced to allow
glucagon and help Haley carbohydrate count her meals. Also, since I am in week 3
of having to pay $15.00 per hour for my babysitter to attend school with Haley
(or she has been disallowed from being at school), the school has agreed to
reimburse me for this week only.
 > I can't even begin to explain the trauma and depression this institution has
put me through and made my life so much harder as a single Mommy, full time
working parent and sole caregiver to a child with diabetes.
 > Finally, they are being forced to give her the care she has been entitled to
receive all along.
> I really needed to share this with all of you.
> Sincerely,
> Denise Owens
> Mom to twins, Haley & Savannah, age 7, Haley dxd 12/2000
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