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Re: [IPp] Re: U50 Insulin

 My daughter Rachel, 4 is on the Cozmo, was on the Paradigm before that. We have
been using diluted Novolog since May 2002. Even though the Cozmo doses in .05
units for basal and bolusing, we find that we get fabulous results with the
diluted insulin.
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Here in America, we can only get U100. HOWEVER, have your pharmacist 
call Lilly or NovoNordisk and ask for diluent. It's free, they give 
you alot (I have 25 vials from Lilly) and then all you need is some 
syringes and needles to mix the U50 (a 1:2 dilution) or U25 (a 1:4 
dilution). We do the U25 and it has made all the difference in the 
world with respect to controlling her high BGs. We will be using the 
diluted stuff in the pump. We just have to decrease our Carb and BG 
values by a factor of 4 (e.g. her carb per insulin unit is about 
80g/1U. We will tell the pump it is 20g/1U and use the U25).

I don't know where I put the phone number for Lilly, but I simply 
called Lilly (main number) and told them my story. They got me to the 
correct person who told me to have my pharmacist call him. A couple of 
days later, I had diluent.

David Jensen
Father to Sigrid, Dx 9/02 @ 11 months, waiting for the pump start...
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Mom to Rachel, 4 diagnosed 2/28/02, pumping 7/02, pumping COZMO 2/08/03
David 15, non-d (bass player-punk band - doing gigs at teen birthday parties)
Wife to Phil
Mesa, Arizona

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