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[IPp] Re: D-Tron Plus?

Well, now our insurance is balking at letting my almost-9-year-old switch 
from her Disetronic H-Tron Plus to the Animas pump we're wanting.  They'd 
like us to consider the D-Tron Plus instead.  From my research, I see some 
of the same features on the D-Tron that we like in the Animas, but the 
Disetronic pump seems to have been designed for educated, computer-savvy 
adult users, while the Animas really seems to be geared for kids (and their 
grandparents).  Annie is ready to take over more of her own management 
these days, so I want her to have a safe, easy pump to use.

If anyone is using the new D-Tron Plus and has any thoughts/recommendations 
for us, I'd love to hear from you.


Charlotte, mom to Annie, 9 on May Day, dx'd at age 3, pumping w/H-Tron 
since age 5
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