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[IPp] Re: Celiac Disease

This is a defect in the immune system, it effects the linning of the entire 
intestine. An allergic response  to wheat, rye, barley, sometimes oats.  Milk 
intolerance is the first thing that occurs.  The blood sugars bounce all 
over, there are multiple highs and extremely lo....bld.sugars. Dangerous at 
night, my daughter had 3 seizures..each one intensifying ...till I finally 
started to scream alot! 
Anyway....The gut is attacked by antigens and creates this inflamation 
process that does not alllow the absorption of any foods, or liquids! The 
food actually runs through the body! Hello I'm here...than good-bye!  By the 
time your body realizes...the insulin is running around wondering where is 
the food???No food.....lots of insulin...guess what! Dropping!!..so you feed 
your child, they go high, and your loading the child up with insulin and the 
body cannot absorp the nutrients....insulin..in and out....
Symptoms...common complaint is the headache after eating..usually 20 minutes, 
than abdominal bloating..starts right below rib cage and is noticable.  Arms 
and legs are either muscular or thin..can see vertabrae usually in back, legs 
are thin.  Diarrhea, floating stool, much gas, unusual color....darl circles 
under eyes, grayish color of skin.   There are brittle fingernails, hair 
rarely grows, now weight gain, no growth in height, teeth....a child will 
have what we call the "picket fence look" in the enamal of their teeth....a 
sure tell sign!   These are due to the malabsorption of nutrients.   Child 
will present in office with the above complaints..Dr.'s who are not aware of 
the disease will say the folowing" picky eater, flu, sinus..infection(yes?)  
ohhh irritable bowel....Dr. will commonly notice child is hanging around 50% 
tile in weight and height....sometimes lower....if its been 2 years....ok 
this is a development problem!  Than if your lucky he or she will start a 
Celiac disease has been around for years, is exploding in Italy and Ireland, 
all children are tested by the age of 4 in those countries.  The American 
dr.'s sometimes forget about the explosion of immigrants that once took 
place...those genes are here in everyone of us! Sometimes skipping a 
If the disease is caught early, all the symptoms are REVERSIABLE.  This is 
wonderful!  You take vitamin supplements of Vit D and A, take lactaid a short 
period time till your gut heals, usually 3 months....and stay on the diet of 
being gluten-free!   Look in your cabinet...see how many products you have 
that are not gluten free!!!
To read more on this type in celiac disease.com it will come up and you can 
read more detail !
Thanks for asking!   Don't feel bad not being on top...many of us try 
everything we can just to get by!!!!!  We are MOMS....I did not know that the 
word superwoman was attached?  (ha-ha-ha....we all are superwomen...we are 
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