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[IPp] Delurking...

 Hi everyone!
I  have been really quiet since I signed up because, well, I have been gone
alot. My little girl, dxed May 2000, pumping with a D-tron since May 2001,
was in the hospital for four days two weeks ago and we have been fighting to
keep her out ever since.  She caught this nasty flu bug that seems to
reinvent itself and keeps coming back. Between the fever and vomiting, and
bg's in the 500's she ended up in ICU with DKA. I have never efelt so
helpless as I watched my little one suffer. At home, we tried everything,
followed protocal to the letter to keep her blood sugars down. We took her
to the Emergency Room  when everything we tried failed.
While she was in the hospital, her doc pretty much let me do everything for
her diabetes. The only thing I couldn't do was stuff with the IV. I knew
more about her pump then the nurses did. All I had to do was write down for
them what I did for her. It was a frustrating and harrowing experince. One I
really don't want to repeat any time soon.
Anyway, that was two weeks ago. She has had sproadic fevers along with the
stuffy head and constant cough- for 5 hours nonstop one day. Even with
temporary basal rates, close monitoring, her diabetes is still majorly
tweeked all over the place.
Any one else know what I am talking about? I am one exhausted mommy!
Kelly S
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