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Re: [IPp] Scar Tissue From 3+ Sites??

My 2 year old son Justin has been pumping since October 02. We were told to 
insert the infusion set on his butt, and change the site every 2 days, but 
Justin sites were always painful by the next day. When I finally changed his 
site on the 2nd day it was really red and raised and sometimes even had 
blisters all around the site not on the tape area just under the plastic part 
of the set. My Endo told me to apply IV3000 on his skin and then insert thru 
the IV3000. It has been working great I am now changing every 3 days , 
against Endo order, sites look great and Justin is not complaining of painful 
sites anymore. 

Gina Mom of Justin
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