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[IPp] re: Animas ideas

Carol, Leanne, and Crystal:
Thanks for the encouraging words about the Animas pump.  While we're 
waiting on insurance approval to go ahead and order ours, I've just bought 
us a palm pilot and we're doing the 30 day trial of the EZ manager 
software.  I think we're going to enjoy the new pump and the software.

And I've heard that Animas is about to come out with a new 
Tender/Silhouette with a 6mm needle instead of the 12mm we're now 
using--along with a one-handed inserter for it.  I hope that helps prevent 
those mysterious kinks in the cannula (our main complaint about pumping) 
and maybe helps my daughter to begin doing her own set changes.

So far I'm pretty impressed by Animas Corporation!

Wishing you and yours continued pumping success,
(Annie's Mom)
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