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[IPp] Amimas Pump

Hi Charlotte!

My daughter just started on the Animas pump about a month and a half ago, and
so far, we love it. Our diabetes pediatrician is actually the one who
recommended this pump because of the lower basal rates it can perform. There
are also so many safety features and have found it to alarm whenever something
is wrong (it also tells WHAT is wrong).  It's so easy to use - my daughter,
who just turned seven, can give herself a bolus. I just tell her the amount,
and she gives it.

The pump itself is compact, which is a plus. I have even made a waist band
with a pouch for her to wear (it holds the pump and when she uses the
bathroom, she doesn't have to worry about the tubing pulling on the site).

I hope this helps. It's the only pump we have used, but what we see so far, we

Mom of Hannah (age 7)
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