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RE: [IPp] Animas users?

Hi Charlotte:

We've been pumping with Animas for almost 3 months now, and we're very
pleased.  I chose it for the same reasons that you mention below, and I
haven't regretted my decision.  I don't use the EZ Manager nor the
downloading feature because they aren't available for us in Canada (the
EZ manager could be used, but it doesn't handle mmol/L so it's kind of
useless) but even without the software it's still a great pump.

I haven't had any problems with the pump yet, so I don't have any
warnings to pass on.  In terms of programming, it seems to be pretty
dummy proof.  

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that we like our Animas pump.

Mom of Oliver, b jun 99, dx'd oct 2001, pump start Jan 7, 2003

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The Cosmo close call was scary!  We've been happy with our Disetronic 
H-Tron for three years, but are just about to purchase a new Animas, 
keeping our remaining H-Tron as a back-up.  We like the Animas'
feature, the 0.05 basal increment, the menu-driven commands, the 
non-volatile memory of 255 boluses, and the ability to download to a PC,

along with the EZ Manager Palm software.  But it's still a huge
Are there any Animas users on the list who have any thoughts,
or particularly warnings that you'd share with us?
Charlotte in Clemson, SC
mom to Annie (nearly 9, dx'd at 3, pumping at 5) who just won 5th place
the state 8&Under Swimming Championship for the 100 IM
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