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Re: [IPp] Animas users?

> The Cosmo close call was scary!  We've been happy with our Disetronic
> H-Tron for three years, but are just about to purchase a new Animas,
> keeping our remaining H-Tron as a back-up.  We like the Animas' waterproof
> feature, the 0.05 basal increment, the menu-driven commands, the
> non-volatile memory of 255 boluses, and the ability to download to a PC,
> along with the EZ Manager Palm software.  But it's still a huge decision.
> Are there any Animas users on the list who have any thoughts, suggestions,
> or particularly warnings that you'd share with us?
> Thanks!
> Charlotte in Clemson, SC
> mom to Annie (nearly 9, dx'd at 3, pumping at 5) who just won 5th place in
> the state 8&Under Swimming Championship for the 100 IM


My son (14) has the Animas.  No problems, easy to use and the EZ Manager
software for his palm pilot is a big help and quickly does the calculations
so he can bolus and go!

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