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[IPp] RE: Mistake I made tonight-set change with Cozmo

That is correct, but on the Cozmo we have the fill Cannula on our menu, but
if you don't go "back" after filling the tubing and you press the start
button again it starts filling the tubing again.

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  Subject: Re: Mistake I made tonight-set change with Cozmo

  Yikes!  How scary!  I have a question though.  Do you fill the tubing
after you insert the site?  I NEVER hit that prime button while anything is
still connected to Emily.  We only bolus to fill the canula.

  Jess, mom of Emily 10,dx'd 11/98 pumping Animas 7/02
  Jeff 7 and Kate 3
  dh Mike
  Eglin AFB, FL
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    From: Bonnie Silvester
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    Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 10:58 PM
    Subject: Mistake I made tonight-set change with Cozmo


    For any of you using the Cozmo, I made a big mistake tonight that I
wanted to share with you - so hopefully none of you will do this.

    When doing a set change the first thing you do is:  "Load", all fine
there.  Then you "Fill Tubing".  On the Cozmo, it is different than the
Paradigm (Paradigm you have to hold the button down the whole time you are
filling the tubing).  With Cozmo, you push the start button, it starts to
fill and when you are done, you have to push stop)  I pressed the "start"
button to start filling the tubing, then hit the stop button.  Here is the
"erroneous part".  I forgot to press the "back" button to take me to the
"Fill Cannula" button.  So, I thought I was at the "Fill Cannula" screen and
hit the "start" button and the thing is shooting insulin in Rachel at
lightening speed.  I started to panic, but managed to get it to "stop" after
about 12 more units.  So, we had to give her about 72 carbs (whoa, that's a
lot of Apple Juice!)  She was 109 after 2 hours, so I just gave her 70 more
grams of grapes.  It will all be over i n about 35 more minutes, so no real
harm was done, but it was scarey.

    Mom to Rachel, 4 diagnosed 2/28/02, pumping 7/02, pumping COZMO 2/08/03
    David 15, non-d (bass player-punk band - doing gigs at teen birthday
    Wife to Phil
    Mesa, Arizona

    email @ redacted

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