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Re: [IPp] Novalog Site Life & Mastisol with IV3000

In a message dated 3/18/2003 8:09:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Also, for those of you who use mastisol for your sites (that is the ONLY 
> thing
> that will keep Cole's on), do you use IV3000 under it? I have been using
> mastisol for the last 3 sites (Skin bond did not work) &I have not been 
> using
> IV3000...

 My Katie had a bad reaction to IV3000 & Tegaderm when we experiemented with 
them.   They seem to work great and help a lot of people keep their sets 
stuck (especially if you lay down the dressing and insert through it) -- but 
it just isn't an option for her.  We've been using Mastisol  exclusively with 
Quick Sets for almost a year and a half with great results.  We paint it on 
with a q-tip in a target/circle shape (which is the shape of the tape that 
comes on the Quick-sets), leaving a Mastisol-free area in the center where 
the cannula goes (the "bullseye:).  As Josh's mom, Sylvia, told us at the 
time:  the trick is to fan the mastisol for just a few seconds until it is 
tacky (sticky, NOT wet) before you insert your set directly on it.  good 

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