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[IPp] Novalog Site Life & Mastisol with IV3000

I have a couple of questions....
 For those of you who use Novalog in your pumps, how long do your sites last w/o
making the BG's go crazy? So far I have been able to get Cole's to last 3 days
but sometimes I wonder about his BG's on the 3rd day...

 Also, for those of you who use mastisol for your sites (that is the ONLY thing
that will keep Cole's on), do you use IV3000 under it? I have been using
mastisol for the last 3 sites (Skin bond did not work) & I have not been using


Rachel - Phoenix, AZ

Single Mom to Cole 4.5, dx'd at 23 months, pumping Animas 2-20-03

 My Pics: www.picturetrail.com/jrachelnHave you forgotten?

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