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[IPp] Insulin changes/drops

I have a daughter who is 13 at the present time, was diagnosed at age 5 with 
type 1.  Did shots for a period of time, than the pump.  I'm a nurse also, 
things you need to ask yourself.  Is your child growing?  That's a sure sign 
for insulin increase, Is he or she acive in a sport?  That would require less 
insulin at the time of the sport and a gradual increase after the sport.   Is 
the child ill?  Cold, sinus infection, flu.  Than you need to look at your 
child.  Does your child have a bloated tummy? Does he or she complain on and 
off of headaches continually? keep a log and see if it is especially after 
they eat.   Our daughter has been diagnosed with CELIAC disease.   This is 
our first year of being Gluten free. That means no oats,barley,rye, or Wheat 
in the diet.   Studies have shown that the two diseases go hand in hand.  
Problem is our American doctors are not keen on the disease process. However 
there are more and more doctors at the Children's Hospital wherever you live 
that are now testing their diabetic children for this.  If your child has not 
been tested for this, look into this.  It may be a reason.  However, your 
child may just be growing!
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