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Re: [IPp] Paradigm Remote

We use the remote when Megan is at school.  Both the school and I feel more
comfortable with Megan bolusing using the remote than the buttons, although she
can use both.  I have many friends who only use the remote, for convenience.

Debbie  mom to Megan, 7 dx'd 08/01/00, pumping since 08/01/01, Madison, 5 and
Gillian 1


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> Debbie,
> I received the remote with my Paradigm, but it was covered by Medicaid so I
> am not cure if there was a charge or not. I do not use it because it is such
> a drain on the battery. The pump searches for a signal every few seconds and
> uses alot of power to do nothing so I have it turned off and now one battery
> lasts about 3 weeks.
>     Shari, mom to Jayson 6, dx'd 6/00
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