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Re: [IPp] Extended Bolus - Animas

Thanks Carol!
Rachel ::)
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> If an extended bolus is in effect in an Animas pump, can you still do a
> bolus? For example, last night we ate at an exclusive restaurant
(McDonald's) &
> I gave Cole 1U bolus right away (he downed that orange soda!!). I was
going to
> save the remainder bolus to be an extended bolus but after he polished off
> french fries & chicken nuggets, he announced that he wanted an ice cream
> I'm glad I did not start the extended bolus before he said he wanted the
> cream cone cause I didn't know if I could've given him a regular bolus
while the
> extended was in effect.
> Does anyone know? Yes, I have contacted my Animas pump trainer (BCC'd to
> e-mail). ::)
> Thanks,
> Rachel - Phoenix, AZ
> Single Mom to Cole, 4.5 - dx'd @ 23 months, pumping Animas 2-20-03
> Rachel


We have the Animas pump, too. Yes, you can give a regular bolus after
programing the extended bolus. We do this alot with pizza. My son takes an
extended bolus for 1/2 the amt. a a regular bolus for the other 1/2.

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