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Re: [IPp] Pump log?

Hi Denise,

My son started pumping when he was 7.  He was in 2nd grade.  I went in a lot
when he first started pumping, but he became quite self sufficient very
early.  Our school administration does not have a clue about type 1 diabetes
and you can talk yourself blue in the face without making a dent in their
attitude.  So I was responsible for his care at school just as I am at home.
I was fortunate that I could do that.  But he and the teacher very quickly
took on that role and called me whenever they had a question.  We do not
have a school nurse in the school and though the clinic aide is a sweet
lady, I just didn't trust her with the care of my child.  His teacher very
willingly took on the job as his advisor/overseer in diabetes care and
because of her willingness to be trained and learn I very much trusted her.
It was a natural progression for us.  I then made sure that he would be
placed in a class this year with an equally willing and responsible teacher.
I know others who are very happy with the clinic staff at their children's
school.  My advice is to go in to the school a lot in the first week or two
(if you can) at lunch time and other crucial times and help create a comfort
zone for whoever will be helping your child and also for you.


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> Hi,
> >
> > My 7 year old daughter is going to start school later this week with
> > an insulin pump.  I really don't know what to expect of them.  Also,
> > does anyone use special logs for insulin pumping?
>   Her 504 plan is the same as it was for shots.
> >
> > I'm nervous that I do not have all preparations, etc.
> >
> > Denise
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