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[IPp] Re: [IP] basals

> I am adjusting my 10 year old son's basals.  At his midnight checks
> he would be higher than at bedtime, 160-170 vs. 100s.  I increased
> his basals from 8pm to 12mn to .8U/hr.  His usual daytime basal is
> .4.  Has anyone heard/read about preadoloescents needing more
> insulin during those periods?  Is there anything else I need to be
> concerned about? Lynne, mom to Luke 10, diagnosed 11/01.

When kids go to sleep, growth hormone usual kicks in immediately. It 
is not subject to the specific time of day, but is related directly 
to the sleep phenomena. We solved this problem at our house by 
leaving the basals at the "normal" or evening rate until several 
hours after the latest expected bed time, then each night we set a 
temporary basal rate to carry until it the real night time rate 
picked up at 2am (for my daughter). This allowed her a flexible bed 
time to accomodate study habits, late nights, whatever.... and still 
provided her with the "double" basal rate she needed immediately 
following bedtime. We first documented her insulin needs and bg rise 
so that we were sure what was needed. Once we discovered this 
pattern, the above was easy and natural.

I'd suggest you discuss something similar with your child's endo.

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