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[IPp] re: standardized testing

Allison wrote:

"Hi everyone,
Jeremy goes to private school, and they start their standardized 
testing the
week of 3/10.  We do not have a 504, due to the private school issue,"

  - What is a 504?

our school has been wonderful all year dealing with Jeremy's pump,
classroom/anywhere testing, snacking, etc."

- NOTE: in the state of North Carolina, a school which permitted blood 
tests anytime/anywhere and treating low sugars anywhere/anytime would 
not be called "wonderful", they would merely be complying with state 
law.  Y'all in other states might look into getting similar laws passed 
out your way.

"....... They said that they
cannot allow him extra time on the day of the test (say, 15-20 minutes) 
treat a low, sit and wait for b.g. to rise, and then let him have an 
15-20 minutes on the test with the other kids waiting for him to finish.

They do have an untimed option, but we are being encouraged to have 
take the test timed.  "

- Why, exactly, are you being encouraged to have Jeremy take the test 
timed?   I would guess that the untimed option was mandated for 
children with special needs - which hypoglycemia is.  And if the 
untimed option is mandated to be available for children with special 
needs - then it's probably illegal to discriminate against them because 
they took the test untimed (you know, ADA).

  Or - to try to have it both ways - perhaps, if he's low on test day, 
he could take the test "untimed", but have the test monitor/proctor 
keep track of how long Jeremy actually spends with the test itself 
(rather than dealing with his blood sugar) and could certify that 
Jeremy completed the test in the same amount of time as per the 
standard "timed" test?  Those test monitors are probably bored out of 
their minds during the test, and would probably be happy to do this 
(unless it's not permitted by the standardized testing rules).

Then of course, hopefully Jeremy's sugar will be fine on test day, and 
this will all be a moot point?

  - mom to Sigrid, dx'd last year @ 11mos. - and admittedly is not in 
school yet
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