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[IPp] Re: standardized tests (long)

HI Allison
If the testing is to start at say, 9:00, could he not test at 8:45 to see 
where he is at?  If you treat a mild low with pure glucose or dextrose, the 
bgs rise very quickly and he should feel fine in 10 minutes.  Then he would 
be all set to start at the same time as the others.  I know this can be a 
YMMV--with Claire it depends on the severity of the low, or how fast she is 
dropping.  But this is usually only an issue when she is exercising or 
jumping on her trampoline.  

Good luck.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

<<Jeremy seems to feel like 
> he can handle things, with just treating and moving on.  They said that 
> they 
> cannot allow him extra time on the day of the test (say, 15-20 minutes) to 
> treat a low, sit and wait for b.g. to rise, and then let him have an extra 
> 15-20 minutes on the test with the other kids waiting for him to finish.  
> Argh!>>
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