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[IPp] RE: Standardized Tests - kinda long

I understand that private schools work differently, but federal law is
still federal law and children with diabetes are protected under the
Americans with Disabilities Act.  Would these people demand that a child
whose legs were paralyzed to participate in a basketball game for gym
without access to his/her wheelchair?  For all standardized and state
proficiency tests (including SATs, etc.) my daughter had the following
set-up:  If she felt low or was high, she was allowed "extended breaks"
(that's the term the SAT people use).  She wasn't given any extra time,
but if she needed to test, eat, bolus, etc. - the time for the test
stopped (for her) and picked up again when she felt better.  She was
usually in a separate room with kids with other "disabilities", but that
wasn't too big a deal. 

School administrators have a terrible habit of doing the thing that is
best for them, not what is best for the kid.  We had 2 separate guidance
counselors tell us not to bother writing to the SAT/ACT folks as we would
never get these accommodations.  Once the paperwork was completed - we
had no problems & her accommodations were in place within a week.  I have
the feeling no one wanted to be bothered with the paperwork.

What I worry about is setting a precedent of no accommodations because
standardized tests supposedly don't have an affect on the child's
academics.  Actually, teachers and administrators use these tests for
many things - math groups, reading groups, gifted/talented programs,
etc.  Give your child every chance you can.  I know it's hard, and you
are probably sick of fighting this stuff, but it is worth it.  I now have
an 18 year old who has done all the talking to teachers, coaches, etc.
the last 3 years - ready for college - who knows how important it is to
stand up for herself and others - whether the issue is diabetes or
anything else in her life. 

Oh - my mantra - Don't ask - Just tell them what they have to do.

Liz B.


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