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[IPp] Re: SOL tests in Virginia

>In the state of Virginia, all students must take what is known as a
>Standards of Learning test (SOL).  I was told that if my son failed his
>third grade SOLs (or any of the SOLs) it could impact getting his high
>school diploma.  Just a word of caution before you discount the importance
>of a standardized test.

Hi Marisa,

I've never heard of elementary standardized testing interfering with 
a student receiving his/her diploma so I searched the 'net and found 
this site explaining all about the Standard of Learning tests for the 
state of Virginia.  The SOL's don't impact a student's graduation 
requirements until ninth grade.  Even then, they are given other 
alternatives to meeting the SOL requirements to graduate.

Hope this helps:


In our Pennsylvania public schools, standardized tests are merely 
used to gauge how the students are doing compared to other students 
nationwide.  The teachers don't put much emphasis on them and really 
don't feel it is a fair assessment of how well a student is 
doing....comparing one test result against a whole year of regular 
classroom tests, assignments, etc.  Any student could have an "off" 
day and not score as high as he/she normally would.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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