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[IPp] Re: field trips

> <<I just would like some input as to how parents of kids in early
> elementary school handle field trips.>>

Hi Karen,
     Claire (dx at age 2) started full time school in the UK (N.Ireland) at 
age 4.  I always was the designated parent for field trips--both myself and 
the teacher liked it this way, as the teacher had enough to worry about with 
4 and then 5 year olds out at a farm, the zoo, etc!
     I like being an involved parent anyhow, so this suits me just fine.  I 
also went on all the field trips with my then 10 year old and some of the 
trips with my 8 year old,  and got to see lots of tourist attractions from an 
educational perspective. It was great.  I like getting to know all my child's 
classmates and my kids have always enjoyed having their Mum come.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, now in grade 2 in Canada, where there aren't so 
many interesting field trips.  
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