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[IPp] RE:Field Trips

My daughter Genevieve is in 1st grade, 6 yrs old (almost 7) dx'd at 13
months and has been pumping for over 2 years now.  On smaller field
trips (several hours or less) snack time/lunch time has not been inside
the timeframe of when she was gone, so there was no need for me to be
involved.  She had one field trip that entailed her eating her packed
lunch on the bus, and I went along to chaperone.  Next month her class
will be gone all day long for a trip to the zoo, and I have not decided
whether I'm goint to ask to go along... I believe that her teacher
understands enough to help her out, or if I know one of the other
parents chaperoning I may do some quick training for one of them.  (The
teacher always has a cell phone with her, so she could call if there was
a question.
There are a lot of parents who volunteer to go on these trips, and
sometimes names have to be picked out of a hat because there are too
many volunteers!   I'll have to figure it out soon, I guess.

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