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Re: [IPp] Teacher selection

> At our school, the principal announces class rosters on the Thursday
> afternoon before school starts.  This would give me one working day
> to talk to the teacher about Scott's diabetes.  The actual training
> done by the county nurse often isn't completed until a month or two
> after school starts.  I think this is completely unacceptable.  We
> have a pump training scheduled after spring break and I would like
> the principal to select a teacher now for Scott so that this teacher
> can attend the pump training meeting.  The principal feels there is
> no reason to make any changes to the established plan for Scott.  Am
> I being unreasonable?

I for one do not believe your request is unreasonable. Your son has 
the right to have these precautions taken on his behalf and the 
school is not allowed to delay the training for their convenience. I 
think you should politely insist and the not so politely demand if 
there is a lack of cooperation.

> I initially had asked for the same third grade teacher that my older
> son had for several reasons.  One is that I already have a
> realtionship with him and I know he would be very good about looking
> out for Scott and learning what needed to be done in an emergency. 
> I would trust having Scott in that classroom.  Second, Scott is
> comfortable with him.

You may wish to discuss this with the teacher. Many times the staff 
make recommendations for placement of children with other teachers 
based on how they feel the child will best progress with particular 
teachers, bearing in mind the teacher load, other kids, etc... It may 
be more important to have the cooperation of the school and get the 
early assignment than to select a particular teacher.

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