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[IPp] others "sensing" high bg?

steven slept at my mom's last nite. my mother had a nitemare. she
dreamed weird stuff.. being with the entire extended family, away at a
hotel/resort.... and my uncle took steven out. mom went for a nap. she
woke "still in the dream" with steven's pump ion her hand.. and called
my uncle's cell screaming for him to get back.. its an emergency. my mom
was really screaming in her sleep, and it woke her up. she went into the
den (where steve sleeps) and the dog was on his bed barking. she tested
him... bg in the 300's. i swear she sensed it. or maybe i'm just crazy.
Sharon, mom to Gabrielle 13 dx 5/98, MDI
and Steven 7 dx 7/00, pumping!!!
Brooklyn, New York
"Where's the #*&$ cure?"
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