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[IPp] Re: testing in the classroom

In a message dated 3/22/02 3:44:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> When you are testing in the classroom, who decides about bg levels and
> whether the parent should be notifiied?  Jeffrey is in kindergarten and goes
> to the nurse for testing twice a day, and also at lunch for bolusing.  We
> have a 504 in place, but this is how the principal  wanted it done.  She has
> also told us that no one except a nurse is allowed to touch his pump under
> any circumstances.  Would appreciate any feedback on that!
> Thanks, Laura-Mom to Eryn, Mary Glenn, and Jeffrey dx 5/00, pumping two
> months!

I have always put the teacher in charge.  I have a meeting with her at the 
beginning of the year with the district nurse.  Usually the nurse & I put 
together a plan of what we expect from the teacher.  I have charts made out 
of how much Ashley needs to bolus for a high or how much carb for a low.  The 
teacher is given a supply of juice & crackers for the lows.  If Ashleys blood 
sugar goes above 400 I am to be called.  If she goes lower than 60 I am to be 
called.  That way I know that the high or low has been taken care of 
correctly.  Ashley was diagnosed in Kindergarten & is now in the 5th grade.  
I have never had a teacher who did not want to learn how to take care of her. 
 They have all been great.
  Kimberly Advent (mother to Ashley who is 11 & pumping for 6 months)
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