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[IPp] Re: testing in classroom

In a message dated 3/22/02 3:44:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We are starting on next year's 504, and I was just wondering how many
> kids are testing in the classroom, and at what age they stared testing in
> the classroom.
> Thanks
> Karen

Ashley is in 5th grade & has always tested in the classroom.  She is 
comfortable with it so it has never been a problem.  It looks like she will 
be going to Middle School next year.  So I guess we will need a 504 plan now. 
 Never seemed to need one before.  We had a problem this year with the music 
teacher making a fuss about Ashley using the restroom during her class time.  
So I just called the district nurse & she handled it wonderfully.
I also wanted to thank the person who sent the story about the girl who had 
the problem with the teacher taking the pump away from her.  This last week I 
had the school nurse make copies of a picture of Ashleys pump & write up a 
paragraph explaining what it is & what it does.  She sent it to all the 
teachers in the school.  I never even would have thought to do this if I 
hadn't read that story.
  Kimberly Advent(mother to Ashley who is 11 year's old & has been pumping 
for 6 months)
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