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RE: [IPp] physicals for girls

If the patient
objects, I can and do skip this part of the exam, but
I try to find out why there is an objection.  If the
child is developing late or slowly, there is even more
reason to examine the development.  I would also
wonder if this child may be sexually abused, teased by
classmates about early or late development, or has
some other problem with developing sexuality.

This endo's remarks bother me, he/she doesn't seem to be very sensitive to a
child's innate sense of modesty or privacy.  He/she automatically assumes a
child wouldn't want to be viewed because there is a *problem* with that
child.  My 9 yr old (non D) doesn't even want me to see him in the shower,
he is very private about his body and he is not abused, teased, etc. I know
he would be moritified if a Dr looked at his privates every 3 mos-what child
wouldn't be?  I don't know a single ADULT woman that enjoys getting a gyn.
exam and that is far less often than a endo check up.  I guess this just
struck a cord with me as it seemed really clinical, and insensitive.  I did
like the other endo's style of letting the child rate him/herself and he/she
seemed to understand that children (even tho' they are kids) can have a
sense of privacy too.  We probably won't have to worry about his for at
least 4-5 years since Riley is only 6 1/2-what age do they start looking?
This definetly gives me something to ask questions about as Riley gets
older.  What do mom's on here with teens do?  Is your child more comfortable
with a same-sex Dr, does it bother them?

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-9, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 21 mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-3, & Lane-4 mos
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