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[IPp] RE: testing in the classroom

Genevieve is 6 and in 1st grade, pumping for over 2 years now.  She
tests at the nurse's office and does the test herself only pre-lunch
unless she is feeling ill or low.   We have a very small school and the
nurse (full-time) is (literally) about 50 feet away from her classroom.
We are also VERY lucky because the nurse is also the parent of a DMer,
and although her son is now in college and also does not pump, the nurse
is very interested in Gen, the pump, and carb counting.   I feel like I
have an angel at the school watching over her.   Gen's teacher has also
been great, not making a big deal about Gen leaving to test BG, she has
a secret hand signal to get Gen's attention in case Gen forgets to go
for her pre-lunch check.  Hopefully we'll be as lucky next year (fingers

Mom to Genevieve (now age 6, dx'd @ 13 months, pumping since Jan 2000)
and James(10, non-d)

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