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Re: [IPp] physicals for girls

Hi everyone

My daughter is 12 now and 5ft 4 and about 117 lbs. She has been checked for
several years due to starting early cycles and heavy flows. But I for one
feel it is good as she has alot of other health issues so for us, this is
more on the preventive. She also goes for total heart tests, echoes etc
every 4 years and will be going this year again. We are thankful for the
medical team we have because they do take interest and do care enough to
take the time.

> Hello, our endo checks my 10 yr old in this way, but she is not yet into
> puberty.  But he does not check my 12yr old, who is definately in puberty,
email @ redacted]On Behalf Of Monterey
 My 12 yo is
> getting
> tired of being looked at and I don't see why it is necessary.  Our endo.
> says
> it
> is necessary to track normal development in this way.
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