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Re: [IPp] testing in the classroom

> When you are testing in the classroom, who decides about bg levels
> and whether the parent should be notifiied?  Jeffrey is in
> kindergarten and goes to the nurse for testing twice a day, and also
> at lunch for bolusing.  We have a 504 in place, but this is how the
> principal  wanted it done.  She has also told us that no one except
> a nurse is allowed to touch his pump under any circumstances.  Would
> appreciate any feedback on that! Thanks, Laura-Mom to Eryn, Mary
> Glenn, and Jeffrey dx 5/00, pumping two months! -----

How and when the testing should be done is not up to the principal. 
Whether he wants it done that way or not is irrelevant. It is what 
you and your medical team feel is best that matters. That is exactly 
why 504 plans exist. The authority to make those decisions rest 
squarely with you and your medical team, not with the school. Whether 
or not it is convenient for the school or the approve or disapprove 
of your needs is not at issue. I'm not implying that you should be 
difficult or make life hard for them -- having their co-operation is 
important -- just that if they resist, you are not in any way 
compelled to cave in to their wishes. The law that supports the 504 
plan is an enormous hammer that can be used if necessary to force the 
school to comply with your wishes for the best interest of your 

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