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Re: [IPp] Pumper Problem in School in FL - TAKE NOTE

<<From: email @ redacted (Marion, mom to Gabe)
Thank you for making us aware of this unfortunate incident.  Gabriel attends 
a small private school and we have no official 504 or IEP in place and so far 
have not needed one.

However, I have now written the school a letter and enclosed a copy of the 
letter describing the "pump/pager" incident.

I am grateful that you shared this with us and hope you resolve it with the 
school district. >>

I think that's a great idea.  My Luke is in elementary school (public) and of
course it's small enough that EVERYONE there knows him & what the pump is - 2
more kids w/ DM also have pumps there (one lone DM'er left on MDI now).  But
the middle school & high school that he'll most likely attend are much bigger,
so I think I'll introduce myself early to those principals & get them a copy of
the letter.  If Trevor's principal (middle school) doesn't remember me yet,
that will help her.  Hopefully they'll act now.  I know of 1 child w/ DM at the
middle school, not sure of the high school.

Also, so glad to hear that you & Gabe are getting past the pump startup issues
- sounds like things are going well for you.  Hope they continue!
Best regards,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99 & pumping 3/01 & to Trevor, 11 & Kate, 9

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