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Re: [IPp] glycemic Index

there is also a book by collins gem called the glycemic index(or the G.I.
factor)not sure which one.this only costs about #4.99. it lists lots of
foods, the g.i and other nutritional info.

karen rattray >From: Dianne Shekell <email @ redacted>
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<email @ redacted>, Insulin Pumpers
<email @ redacted> >Subject: [IPp] glycemic Index >Date: Tue, 19
Mar 2002 09:23:42 -0500 > > Many times I've seen posts from people asking
if someone knew of a site that showed the glycemic index of foods. >
There is a site dedicated to just that subject. It's an Australian site.
In Austraila, they're trying to make food companies put the glycemic
index number of each food on it's food's nutrition lables. > They have a
large data base that you can "search" to look up the glycemic number of a
certain food. > Try it out. The website is www.glycemicindex.com >Dianne,
Mom to Johnny 9
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