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[IPp] Made me smile

My son (pumping one year, D for 2 1//2 years) was sitting at the kitchen table last evening with 3 friends.  These friends have been in school with him since 1st grade.  They all "know" he has D, but I think what happened at the table goes to show that kids just forget these little "details" and move on.  The boys had been playing basketball all afternoon and were in now having pizza and sugar free Kool-Aid.  My son had tested his blood at the table, pulled out his pump, did a little correction and left his pump sitting on the table.  He then ate some, figured out a bolus and punched that into his pump, again just leaving the pump sitting on the table.  The boy sitting next to him finally looked at the pump (probably he heard a "tick"), asked what it was, and looked totally surprised to see that it was actually connected to my son.  These friends don't care about pumps, boluses, blood checks etc. all that matter is if you have a good outside shot. :-)

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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