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[IPp] Re: alt sites - legs

<<"Justin and Amy Boswell" <email @ redacted>
...  I think his [Riley, 6-1/2] legs might be a viable area when he's a mite
bigger in a few years.  We use the Softsets micros and those are very
comfortable for him.>>>

Our pump trainer cautioned us not to use Luke's legs (Luke is 7).
His legs look big but they are ALL muscle.  There really is no pinchable
fat on his thighs.  His belly is now nearly in the same condition so
we are using only the "love handles" (they fit 1 site on each side = 1
week/month for him) just above the waist, and the upper buttocks in a 
palm-sized area around each hip.  Luke's sites heal up in w/ no nobbiness
in them after 4-6weeks.  

Just check those legs carefully before you try.  Luke's tummy muscles
bend cannulas after about 1-2 days, and we're pretty sure that his thighs
would do the same or worse. 

I do have an adult pumper friend who uses his thighs about 90% of the time, 
but he could see problems in someone more athletic than him.

Take care!
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/5/01 & to Trevor, 11 & Kate, 9

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