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RE: [IPp] Re: switching a child from Humalog to Novolog

This makes me feel *SO* good to hear other mother's talk about their erratic
bg children!:O)  I mean, I'm not happy that other parents have to deal with
this but I was beginning to feel my child was the only kid whose blood
sugars can be very hard to pin down.  I recently got a survey from
Disetronics and one of the questions had "Brittle" to describe erratic bgs-I
was told there was no such thing but Riley does fit that description!  The
NP at the endo's office actually talked down to me and chewed me out when
Riley had an A1c of 8 (after two that were 7.8 and 7.6).  She gave me hand
outs on testing basals, etc as if I were a TOTAL idiot!  Keep in mind, this
is a 6 yr old child here too and that is not a bad A1c for that age range.
I work so hard with frequent testing, charting, carb counting (I do 99% of
Riley's D care), plus homeschooling, plus raising 4 other children and it
really got me down.  I blamed myself and my parenting abilities for awhile
after that.   I know that I shouldn't judge my job on the meter or even the
A1c.  These are just tools to let us know how they are doing.  I can test
the kid 12 times a day, restrict his diet to very little carbs and I'd STILL
have swings in bgs.  His bgs can go sky high with very few carbs and he can
go low with not always alot of insulin.  He's very sensitive to whatever
gets put into his body.  Than, I read about other children whose parents
have to do very little and their A1c's are all in the 6's and I think about
how hard it is for Riley and I to have even gotten that 7.6.  I hope things
will stabilize when he's a bit older but I just wanted to encourage everyone
to keep fighting the good fight like us!:O)

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-9, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 21 mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-3, & Lane-3 mos
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