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Re: [IPp] Novolog and Sites

> Hi Sybil, I read your e-mail and I wanted to ask how long has Morgan
> been on the pump.  My daughter Jamie has been on it 3 weeks and her
> sugars are erractic.  Our Nurse educator changes the basals and
> bolus carb to insulin ratio but she's swinging from hi's to lows! 
> When can I expect her to level off, I'm becoming very discouraged! 
> Lee, mom of Jamie.

Hi Lee,

This is the sort of pattern I saw with my daughter when we discovered 
she was sensitive to Humalog. We had the advantage that she had been 
pumping already for a couple of years with regular insulin so the 
erratic bg's were a significant clue. It is hard to make the same 
assumption with Jamie because there is no history. The data collected 
by Insulin Pumpers suggests that around 6% of people using Humalog 
for infusion have this difficulty. If it keeps up, a switch to 
Novolog would probably eliminate this as a possibility.

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