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[IPp] floppy pumps


A trick that worked for Erica, when she wanted the pump to be as
*insignificant* as possible was this -
You can do this two ways, in both cases the pump would be worn without the
clip and case:

To hide the pump when wearing something special:
Erica has a pair of shorts, the type that  fit really tight to the skin and
are very light fabric (almost like speedo).  Anyway, I cut out a little square
of fabric and made a little pocket out of it.  I sewed this little pocket on
the inside of the shorts and used a little velcro to close the flap.  Whenever
Erica had to bolus, she would just flip out the pocket from under the shorts
(in a private place of course) and bolus. The pump is nearly invisible,
depending on the size ofthe child of course.

The other thing that can be done, is to sew this little pocket to the inside
of gym shorts.  It doesn't have to be fancy, just large enough to cradle the
pump.  Leave a little extra for the flap which you put some velcro on and 'ta
da' it is kept nice and snug.

Make the pockets out of a very thin flexible fabric so it doesn't feel like a
lump:)  It takes just minutes and can make things so much easier.

Hope this helps!

Barb Chafe
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