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[IPp] Novolog and Sites

Hi, Barb! (and other POP'ers!):

Don't you like the POP list?  I haven't been on it long but I like it.

Morgan has been on Novolog I guess about 6 weeks.  It has been WONDERFUL!!  I
was getting quite discouraged.  I was trying hard and the numbers were so
erratic.  Now, the sites last 3 days, sometimes 4.  Before by 2 and one-half
days they quit.  We still have some highs due to bolusing errors but I can see
patterns better since I can rule "site" out most likely.

I can't tell any difference in the action of Novolog and Humalog.  Actually, I
have gone up on Morgan's basals recently -- he is up to .7 for most of the day
and .5 from 2 am to 7 am.  Maybe it coincided with a growth spurt. He never
complained of H stinging him.

 His sites seem pretty red after 3 days and I usually regret trying to stretch
it to 4 days.   We are still rotating from hip "pocket" sites to the same
place near the naval. Those sites are hard to keep in and they hurt him going
in.  We have tried Ela-max cream to deaden those areas  but had trouble with
tape sticking after that --even tho we wiped with IV prep.  We then tried
cutting a SMALL hole - size of pencil eraser in IV3000 and putting it on ,
putting Ela-max on the hole to deaden for 20 min.  Then taking tape off and
inserting.  Problem is couldn't see where the deadened spot was.  This is
prob. BAD but we made a couple of tiny marks with a felt tip pen to see where
to place the Quik Serter.  Then we wiped with IV prep, and inserted.  Then IV
3000 with hole cut out on top of Quik Set.  The QS stays on fine by itself in
the buttocks but we must have IV 3000 on the abdomen.

 We tried putting IV3000 on and leaving it on and inserting Quik Set over the
tape (not recommended by our Dr.)  But as soon as one corner comes up and then
with a bath the sites come off so easily. The ab. gets so much movement.  Last
couple of times the ab sites have been VERY irritated - worse than ever
before.  I just hate that.  (That is one of the main reasons I am waiting to
get my 3 year old on a pump-- I just dread the skin problems.)  I don't know
if somehow the Ela-max bothers him even tho. we wipe it off or if he is just
now getting sensitive to the IV3000 tape??  His sites aren't a lot better than
on H but the numbers sure are a lot better.
    The Elamax seems to help the pain some - even if it is mental. But if the
sites are more irritated it doesn't seem worth it.  He did ab sites without
any deadening for several months but he dreads them so much and asked for Emla
cream. I heard about Ela-max -- don't know if it is much different but is
supposed to work in 20 min. rather than one hour.

Hope the Novolog helps you and Claire as much as it does us.

Sybil Fisher   Tyler, Texas; Mom to Morgan 9 -x'd 6/99and Madison 3 -
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