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[IPp] Re: Baby Adya

     I am so sorry that you are dealing with this with your first child.  I 
am sure that it feels like you are in a dream and that you will soon wake up 
from it.  
     My little girl Claire was dx with diabetes at age 2, but she was born 
with congenital problems.  She is my third child.  I was in a complete daze 
the first 2 months of her life.  Feeding her took one hour and she needed to 
be fed every 2 hours, despite that she was losing weight.  She couldn't 
nurse, so I was trying to pump breastmilk for her at every moment of time 
that I had.   We had to watch her every moment because she choked and 
couldn't breathe, so my husband and I slept in shifts and I even carried her 
into the bathroom with me if I needed 30 seconds. Then at 6 weeks of age and 
only weighing 9 pounds she got very sick and I thought she would die.  But 
she is a fighter.
     When she developed diabetes I knew nothing of the disease and wondered 
if it would be better if she died.  Well, I am happy to say that at age 7 
Claire brings joy to pretty well everyone who meets her.  (She gives me a lot 
of grief!!  She is very stubborn)  She is lively and enthusiastic and a great 
student.  Very popular with kids and especially teachers of all sorts, due to 
her enthusiasm, which spreads to the other kids, and abilities. 
     So what I want to say to you is, just live each day and don't think too 
far ahead.  Love your beautiful little girl and realize that she can grow up 
to be everything that you have dreamed about.  It will be draining and 
exhausting for you.  But there will be a reward for it all.  
     Have you heard that a newborn baby with diabetes was put on a pump?  So 
much for you to learn right now--but you will have more time later to 
research everything.  
     Best wishes and please keep in touch with us on this list when you have 
the chance.  Don't hesistate to ask for our opinions about anything.  Most of 
us here have pretty strong views about the care that we want for our child, 
and will offer you all our best advice.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, pumping for 11 months
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