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[IPp] Re: Baby Adya


I am sorry that you are dealing with so much with your first baby. First may
I say congratulations on the birth of your precious bundle of love. Adya
will bless your heart with much love and so I hope we can encourage you to
have hope and not lose it.

Do you have any friends or family close by to help give you support. When my
daughter was a baby, our older daughter, then 15 trained with us as well as
a few friends to help us with caring for Patricia. But we were not new
parents and that did help. It is still hard work at first and alot of
sleepless nights do happen. I hope you can find some supports in your area
to help you .

Have the medical team offered any forms of support in sharing names of other
families in your area with diabetes and the other problems.  We do that here
in our area  by giving the medical team our information and asking for
support. They often ask others to contact you and then a support team grows
from that.

It does take alot of hard work to find the right combination of things
medically to work for each person but you can do it. Are you getting sleep
as rotation is so much better for checking your daughter if you both take
turns and sleep when you can. You need to care for yourselves in order to
take care of your baby.Make sure you are eating healthy and resting as much
as possible.

You may email me anytime you want off this list or through this list.I will
listen and hope we can offer you some support. Diabetes will not go away but
life can and will get better.

Please keep in touch

Jana Church
email @ redacted
icq 7669892
msn email @ redacted

Our web home is http://colalady1.tripod.com/

 Ahimanikya Satapathy email @ redacted

 Union City, CA.  Our baby girl Adya, born on 02/22/2002, was diagnosed with
juvenile diabetes when she was 7 days old.  She was keeping the sugar level
high, more than
 400, from day one at NICU.  They were telling us it could be because of
stress and were giving insulin, but after many many test for 6/7 days they
have declared she has
 diabetes. At the same time she has hypothyroidism and acidosis and anemia.
Adya is our first baby and my wife Asha and I have been having very
depressing days and
 sleepless night.
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